1. The Trapezoid generates control voltages to control events like – the amplitude of the signal, the pitch of the oscillators, the cutoff frequency of the filter, the reverberation mix, etc.
  2. By default it’s a looping envelope generator with 4 stages – attack, on, release (decay), and off.
  3. All stages are manually adjustable and also voltage controlled.
  4. If the OFF control is set to more than 9, looping is terminated, and a new envelope circle can be initiated by pressing the TRIG button. 5 .If an external CV/Gate signals used (connected to the CV, in most cases looping must be switched off (OFF control all the way clockwise), otherwise, when the gate is off, the envelope will start looping.
  5. Also, with the external gate signal applied, the ON knob will have no effect – the ON time is defined by the gate length.
  6. The ASR/AD switch allows one to select between the full attack-on-release-off envelope (ASR) and the attack-decay envelope, where ON and OFF controls have no effect, but a decay stage begins as soon as the attack voltage reaches the maximum level.
  7. The output level of the envelope generator is adjusted by the TRAPEZOID knob.
  8. Offset to further manipulate the generated envelope.