sys.6 | elevations

Manufacturer: planet.6

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sys.6 | elevations is a AHD envelope generator: attack, hold and decay. The module includes a accent (to 10 volts) and a logarithmic to linear to exponential curve.

The controls and their functions: from top to bottom:

  • Slider A: Sets the attack time

  • Slider H: Sets the hold time.

  • Slider D: Sets the decay time.

  • S.Link: This switch sets the attack and decay slider to be linked or free (unlinked). Linking is helpful when you want symmetrical envelopes.

  • Range: This switch sets the range of the slider from 0 ms to 200 ms or 0 ms to 2.000 ms.

  • Curve: This knobs sets the curve of the envelope. At 0% it's logarithmic, middle is linear and at 100% it's exponential.

  • Soft: This knob softens the envelope shape.

  • and it's attenuator: Is the input for modulating the curve by a cv signal.

  • Acc.trig: Is the trigger to apply a accented envelope. The "attenuator knob" sets the accent level . At 100% the accented envelope is 10V, at 0% the accented envelope is 5V, same as the normal envelope.

  • is the input for a normal (5V) envelope.

  • out jack: output jack for the envelope signal.

  • Sliders: The leds on the slider indicate the envelope stage as it's passing through. When the attack stage is done, hold will blink, when that stage is done, decay will blink. Well all stages are done, all the sliders will stop blinking.

(!) When a trigger and accent trigger is received, accent gets priority.

  • cv led the cv-led has 3 states. If the incoming cv signal is negative, the led blinks blue, when positive they blink green.