sys.6 | filter

Manufacturer: planet.6

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sys.6 | filter is a 12dB filter with lowpass, bandpass and highpass response. All of them can self-oscillate when the resonance is turned up high. It's a nasty filter full of character and saturation that can scream when pushed to it's limits.

The controls and their functions from top to bottom:

  • Slider (f): Sets the cutoff frequency from 20 Hz to 18000 Hz.

  • Slider (r): Sets the resonance.

  • Type switch: Sets the type of the filter: lowpass, bandpass or highpass.

  • CV jack and attenuator: Sets the cv modulation for the cutoff frequency.

  • Input jack: Is the jack for the incoming signal to be processed by the filter.

  • Out jack: Is the jack that outputs the signal.

  • The cv leds have 3 states. If the incoming cv signal is negative, the led blinks blue, when positive they blink green.

(!) Filter design by R_ware