sys.6 | filther

Manufacturer: planet.6

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sys.6 | filther is a simple 12/24dB low pass to bandpass filter with a build-in overdrive/distortion.

signal routing: input > low boost eq > drive > filth > LP/BP filter > hard/soft clip > output

The controls and their functions from top to bottom:

  • Cutoff knob: Sets the cutoff frequency from 200 Hz to 19000 Hz.

  • Reso knob: Sets the resonance.

  • LP/BP Knob: Cross fades from the low pass filter (0%) to bandpass filter (100%).

  • Type switch: Sets the type of the filter, either 12 dB or 24 dB.

  • Mode switch: Sets hard-clip on or off.

  • Drive knob: Sets the drive (soft clip) amount.

  • Filther Knob: Sets the amount of filth (distortion).

  • Cutoff jack and attenuator: Sets the cv modulation for the cutoff frequency.

  • Reso jack and attenuator: Sets the cv modulation for the resonance amount.

  • In jack: Is the jack for the incoming signal to be processed by the filter.

  • Out jack: Is the jack that outputs the signal.

  • The cv leds have 3 states. If the incoming signal is negative, the led blinks blue, when positive they blink green.


Apr 20, 23

Great on guitar

This plus a good envelope follower (like CM22x's) and you get crazy good autofilter sounds for electric guitar. The drive function is what really sets this one apart for this use.