sys.6 | levels

Manufacturer: planet.6

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$1.50 $2.50

The sys.6 | levels is a simple leveler module to process cv and/or audio. It has five modes: amplifier, mixer, > threshold, < threshold and a polarizer.

  • In amplify mode the module works as a VCA: (input x (cv + level))
  • In mixer-mode the cv modulates the level slider: (input x (level x cv))
  • In the threshold modes the input signal is passed though when the signal is above or under the threshold value. This mode is intended primarily for CV processing.
  • In polarizer mode the signal works similar to the mixer-mode from 0 to 100%, but inverts the signal at negative values. When the slider is set half-way, the polarizer is at 0%, so no signal will pass-thru.