sys.6 | mutations

Manufacturer: planet.6

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sys.6 | mutations is a audio processor that uses 6 different mathematical formulas to mutate the waveshape of signal 1 by signal 2. Next to the algorithms, "mutations" comes with 6 different "color" modes to color the sound after it has been processed.

The controls and their functions: from top to bottom:

  • Slider 1: Sets the level amount of signal 1 (jack in.1)
  • Slider 2: Sets the level amount of signal 2 (jack in.2)
  • Slider MIX: Mixes signal 1 (dry) to the processed signal (wet).
  • Slider CLR: Sets the amount of color applied to the mixed signal.
  • Invert switch: Inverts the incoming signal at in.2 jack.
  • Rectify switch: Takes the absolute value of the incoming signal at in.2 jack.
  • Mode: The mode knob sets the algorithm. The available algorithms are: cross-fade 1 to 2, multiply 1 by 2, divide 1 by 2 - 1 (!!), add 1 and 2, 1 greater than 2 = 1, 1 greater than negative 2 = 1, 1 exclusive or 2 = 0 and fold 1 by 2. (!)
  • Type: The type knob sets the color type. The available color types are: saturation-1, saturation-2, drive, clip, fold-back and crush.
  • lvl.2 jack and attenuator: Sets the cv modulation of level 2 slider.
  • mix jack and attenuator: Sets the cv modulation of the mix amount slider.
  • color jack and attenuator: Sets the cv modulation of the color amount slider.
  • Blend switch: This switch sets the input for the blend signal. You can select in.1 or in.2
  • Blend knob: blends the signal after color has been applied to the dry input signal which can be selected by the blend switch. At 100% the clean blend source (in.1 or in.2) is used as output.
  • in.1 jack: Input for signal 1.
  • in.2 jack: Input for signal 2 (!).
  • out jack: output jack for the signal after it has been processed.

(!) When no jack is connected to in 2 - the algorythm is bypassed and in.1 is routed directly to color. Mix and Mode won't affect the signal received from in.1. (!!) Mutations is intended to process audio-signals. The divide algorithm is not a exactly a mathematical division but uses in.2 as a division source throughout the algorithm formula.

  • Sliders: The leds on the mix and color slider blink according to the level amount. eh level amount is set by the slider and cv modulation. When they are fully lid the level is 100%.

  • cv leds: the cv-leds have 3 states. If the incomming cv signal is negative, the led blinks blue, when positive they blink green.