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sys.6 | razor is a oscillator with 6 saw waveforms and a pulse waveform with variable pulse-width.

With the function knob the traditional saw waveform morphs to the 5 razor-model saws. See the images for further reference. The saw oscillator can be detuned by 1 semi-tone up/down or 2 octaves up/down. The pulse waveform is designed to act like a sub-oscillator. The octave of the pulse can be set to 0, -1 or -2 octaves.

The controls and their functions from top to bottom:

  • Big white knob: Morphs the saw waveform (0%) to the pulse waveform (100%). In the middle position both signals are mixed equally.

  • Type knob: Sets the razor-modeled saw. The different types are: phased, chopped, saw with pulse-width modulation, a folded saw (the seesaw) and a bladed saw (the soulblade).

  • Detune knob: Sets the detune amount for the saw oscillator. Detuning the oscillator makes the sound richer when mixing it together with the pulse waveform.

  • Range switch: Sets the range of detune for the saw waveform from -24 to +24 notes (4 octave range) or -1 to +1 semi-tone.

  • Octave switch: Sets the octave for the pulse waveform, 0, -1 or -2 octaves below the incoming pitch signal.

  • Func(tion) knob: Mixes the traditional saw waveform to the razor-model.

  • PWM knob: Sets the pulse-width for the pulse waveform.

  • Func CV knob and jack: Is the input to use a CV signal to modulate the morph amount of the traditional saw waveform to it's razor-model.

  • PWM CV knob and jack: Is the input to modulate the pulse-width, aka pulse-width-modulation.

  • Pitch: Is the input for the pitch/note.

  • Out: Outputs the mixed oscillator signal.

  • The CV-leds have 3 states. If the incoming signal is negative, the led blinks blue, when positive they blink green.

Title of Song

  • razor-saws-1
  • razor-saws-2-50-pulse