sys.6 | riot

Manufacturer: planet.6

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sys.6 | riot is a trigger generator module that outputs a fixed or random amount of triggers, at a rate set in divisions. In random mode the user can set the maximum amount ( 0 - 16 ) of triggers to be randomly generated. When using cv modulation on the rate selector, the triggers that will be distributed will vary in every cycle. The rate distributions are: 1/64. - 1/1, including dotted and triplets.

Very useful for self-generative music.

The controls and their functions: from top to bottom:

  • Slider (A)mount: Sets the amount of triggers to be generated every cycle. (1,2) The led indicates if a cycle of trigger generation is active.
  • Slider (R)ate: Sets the division in which sys.6 | riot will deploy the triggers.
  • Mode-switch: Riot can be set to generate a fixed amount of triggers or a random amount of triggers.
  • The jack for the received triggers to start generating the triggers. starts every distribution cycle.
  • and attenuator: The input jack for the cv modulation of the rate divisions.
  • Out: The jack that outputs the fixed of randomly generated triggers.

(1) In fixed more: When the knob is set to 3 triggers: every cycle generates 3 triggers.

(2) In random mode: When the slider (A) is set to 4 triggers: every cycle generates either 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4 triggers.

(!) The divisions are calculated from project BPM. When using a sync generator in standalone mode, be sure to set voltage modular to the same project BPM.

(!) When using cv modulation for the rate, the rate will be set to last the complete cycle and will be reset after the cycle is finished or restarts.

(!) Use multiple sync-dividers to add extra variation.

(!) The has 3 states. If the input signal is negative, the led blinks blue, when positive it blinks green.

(?) Why is there a "0" value for the triggers to be chosen? It's intended to skip the distribution in that cycle in random-mode.

(?) Why is this module useful: It can be used to trigger envelopes, reset lfo's, trigger drum modules or advance steps in sequencers.