sys.6 | scrambler

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sys.6 | scrambler is a module that outputs random voltages and triggers/gates when a trigger signal is received from an external source. The "randomness" can be set by the big probability knob. As the probability percentage is raised, the likelihood of the input trigger being used to generate and output a random voltage or trigger increases.

Very useful for self-generative music.

The randomly generated voltages can be set to a specific range using the MIN/MAX knobs. Next to that, you can apply glide to the voltages and, when "random-glide" switch is on, even the glides are (separately) randomly applied to the signal. The output voltages can be quantized to music notes. Using the small attenuator knob located above the trigger input, you can set the trigger to a gate signal, up to 3.000 ms. To make it even more interesting the probability knob can be cv-modulated. This adds even more variation to the amount of randomly generated voltages and triggers/gates.

The controls and their functions: from top to bottom:

  • Big white: Sets the probability amount that the input triggers are used to generate voltages and triggers/gates.
  • Shape: Sets the curve of the CV-output when glide is used. When glide is set to 0 ms, shape won't have any affect on the cv-signal.
  • Glide: Sets the glide time (0~500ms) to be applied to the voltage signal passed through to the cv.out-jack.
  • Type-switch: Switches to CV-signal from non-quantized voltages to quantized (C,C#,D,D3 etc..) voltages. When the signal is quantized, shape won't have affect on the cv-signal.
  • Mode-switch: Switches the mode from non-random-glides to random-glides. In random glide mode the glides to the cv signal are randomly applied. The glide time is used from the glide knob.
  • MIN/MAX: Sets the range of the voltages passed to cv.out-jack.
  • Left attenuator knob: Sets the time (1.0ms ~3.000ms) of the trigger/gate at the trigger output-jack.
  • Right attenuator knob: Set the amount of cv modulation for the probability amount.
  • The jack for the received triggers to generate voltages or triggers/gates.
  • The input jack for the cv modulation of the probability amount.
  • Gate The jack that outputs the randomly generated triggers or gates.
  • CV.Out: The output jack for the randomly generated voltages.

(!) Use multiple sync-dividers to add extra variation.

(!) If you want to check what the effect of the probability-~% is, you can compare the led's located above the Trigger-In and Trigger-Out jacks.

(!) The has 3 states. If the input signal is negative, the led blinks blue, when positive it blinks green.

(!) If you want to output within a specific scale you can use a quantizer.

(?) Why "scrambler?" In some computing contexts, a scrambler may refer to an algorithm used to randomize data or to create pseudorandom sequences.

Title of Song

  • scrambler+tb_oscillator_tb_filter