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sys 6 | sequencer is a sequencer with separate playback modes for pitch/notes and gates. Playback options are forward, random and cv controlled. The push buttons make it possible to send out accent triggers. The sequencer uses the project's BPM which can be sped up or slowed down using the divisions knob. In addition, the sequencer has a swing, glide and a shift/transpose function.

The controls and their functions from top to bottom:

  • Upper 8 sliders: Sets the notes per step from c-2 to c-6.

  • Accent push buttons: Set the accent per step to be send to the accent jack. The trigger jack is in-active when accent is on. (1)

  • Bottom 8 sliders: Sets the gate width per step, 0% to 100%. When set to 0% the gate and triggers are off. At 100% the gate will be tied to the next gate. Gate times are calculated from the division. A slower division will result in a longer gate width.

  • Division knob: Sets the division which is calculated using project BPM. The divisions are 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1/1, 2/1, dotted and available in triplets. When the division is set to 1/16 and the gate width to 50%, the gate length will be half e.g. 1/32.

  • Steps knob: Sets the amount of steps for the sequencer: 1 to 8. Making it possible to shorten the sequence.

  • Swing knob: Sets the amount of swing. Step 2, 4, 6, 8 are offset by half a length of the division. When division is set to 1/16 (which is 2/32), step 2 for example will output at 3/32 when swing is at 100%.

  • P.mode knob: The play mode for the pitch: the upper sliders. The available modes are: forward, random and cv-controlled.

  • G.mode knob. Sets the play mode for the gate width and accents (push buttons). The available modes are: forward, random and cv-controlled.

  • Glide knob: Sets the glide time in milliseconds (0 - 200ms). Glide is only active for steps where the gate time is set to 100%: the tied notes.

  • Shift knob: Shifts the pitch values by -2 to +2 volts/octaves.

  • Reset jack: Resets the sequencer to step 1. Use the stop jack from i/o panel for instance.

  • (!) When using the sequencer stand-alone and there is no jack patched to the reset jack, pressing the led located above the reset jack will reset the sequencer. to step 1.

  • Play jack: Starts the sequencer. Use a play gate or gate from i/0 panel for instance. The sequencer will only play when the signal is constant at 5 volts. Sample 7 hold sources are also possible to add variety in playback.

  • (!) When using the sequencer stand-alone and there is no jack patched to the play jack, pressing the led located above the play jack will start the sequencer. Strange, true - but there was limited space.

  • jack: Is the input jack for the cv-controlled playback mode. When using sys.6 | tremble and you select a sine wave and 1/1 synced speed, it's possible to sequence back and forth just like KITT.

  • Pitch jack: Outputs the note/pitch values.

  • Gate: Outputs the gate values. The gates are "soft" so you can directly patch them to an amplifier.

  • Trigger: Outputs the triggers when gate width is not 0%. At 0% triggers are bypassed.

  • Accent: (1) Outputs a trigger when the accent buttons are active. This is quite useful when using this sequencer together with sys.6 | elevations - which has separate inputs for triggers and accents.

  • The cv leds have 3 states. If the incoming signal is negative, the led blinks blue, when positive they blink green.


(?) The sequencer doesn't play! Are you using a play gate or gate signal or a trigger signal? The sequencer only plays when the play jack receives a constant 5 volt gate signal. You can also use sys.6 | random to start the sequencer.

(?) I am in stand-alone mode and there is no play and reset button?! There is actually, it's in disguise: the leds located above the reset and play jack are buttons when these jacks aren't in use. The leds turn blue then.

(?) How are the accents sequenced? They share the same playback mode with the gates. See G.mode knob above.


Dec 20, 22

great little sequencer

looks remind me of the old JVC set my stepfather had in the late 70's maybe seperate playmode ledknob for accent too ;)