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sys 6 | sequential is a 8 step sequencer that has 4 different sequence types. You can sequence: control voltages, notes and two types of gates. The gates can be set in milliseconds or divisions. The sequencer can be played in regular step mode (forward and backward) or random mode. The forward and backward direction is controlled by the turn jack. By clicking the planet.6 logo: you can chose if you like to repeat the last step in the sequence before turning direction or continue the sequence. When using glide in CV mode the shape of the signal can be set to logarithmic, linear or exponential curves.

The controls and their functions from top to bottom:

  • Upper 8 knobs: Sets the values for the CV (-5V - +5V) , NOTES (C-2 - C-6) or GATES in milliseconds or gates in divisions.
  • Type switch: Sets the type of values you would like sys.6 | sequential to sequence: cv, notes or gates.
  • Mode switch: This switch determines if you play in regular mode or random mode. In random mode turn is bypassed.
  • Steps knob: Sets the amount of steps for the sequencer: 1 to 8. Making it possible to shorten the sequence.
  • Glide knob: Sets the glide time in milliseconds (0 - 500ms). This is used in all modes. Setting glide to a gate signal, makes it possible to use the wire the gate signal directly to a VCA.
  • Left attenuator knob (shape): Sets the curve of the CV output when glide is used.
  • Right attenuator knob(offset): Sets the offset which is only active when the type is set to CV or NOTES. When the type is set to notes: offset is in octaves.
  • Reset jack: Resets the sequencer to step 1. Use the play jack from i/o panel for instance.
  • jack: Starts the sequencer. Use the play jack from i/0 panel for instance.
  • Turn jack: Turns the direction of the sequence: forward to backward and visa versa when triggered again. The led above the jack indicates when turn is active.
  • Out jack: Outputs the sequence signal, either CV, notes or gates.

(!) Combine two sys.6 | sequential's to create a note+gate melody sequencer.

(!) When I fire the turn jack, the last step is repeated. That is intended, when you have a 8 step sequence running at (for instance) 1/8 and fire "turn" at 1/1, the sequence is mirrored: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1. This can be bypassed by clicking the planet.6 logo at the bottom which will give you 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1.

(!) Many many thanks to R_Ware for his help on sys.6 | sequential!