Timely XL

$3.00 $4.00

Timely XL is the purple big sister of Timely and a result of user suggestions. The functionality is the same as Timely but each of the dotted and triplet clocks have dedicated outputs, which makes the module wider and gives you enough sockets to allow you to pretend you are a telephone switchboard operator from the 1960's.

Timely XL is a combined sync divider and clock generator. It provides ten different clock outputs from a 1/64 note through to 8 measures (assuming 4/4 time), six outputs in triplet time and six outputs in dotted time. Timely XL is intended to be a one stop shop for clock signals, driving multiple arpeggiators and sequencers at different rates.

Timely XL is heavily discounted for owners of Timely.