Tone Former

Manufacturer: R_Ware

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R_Ware Tone Former

With 8 parallel highly resonant bandpass filters, you have complete control over the frequency components of your sound. Create complex and intricate soundscapes from sounds, noise, or just about anything. The R_Ware Tone Former is perfect for those who want to explore the possibilities of modal synthesis, create unique textures and ambient soundscapes, or add character and depth to their tracks.



  • PITCH input
    • Controls global frequency with 1V/oct signal
  • FREQ
    • Global base frequency
  • OCT
    • Global frequency octave offset
  • RES
    • Resonance setting for all filters
    • The higher the more focused the filters becomes. Use lower settings to let more of the input signal pass, use higher settings to extract single frequencies from the input signal.
    • Frequency multiplier per filter
    • Each successive filter's frequency is multiplied by this value. e.g. with multiplier value of 2 and a base frequency of 100Hz, the first filter will have 100Hz, the second filter will have 200Hz, the third filter will have 400Hz and so on.
    • Filters with a frequency above 24kHz are disabled
    • Level rolloff slope for successive filters
    • E.g. at 0.5 each filter is half the level of the previous filter. Hence, the first filter's level is 1.0, the second filter's level is 0.5, the third filter's level is 0.25 and so on.
  • Randomizer DICE button
    • Randomizes FREQ, RES, MULTIPLIER and SLOPE for a quick tone change. Click this button until you find cool sounds.
    • Note: OCT is not randomized

Bandpass Filterbank

Each filter has the same controls. Additionally there's another randomizer DICE button which randomizes the frequencies and levels of each filter. The filter controls are:

  • FREQ
    • Exponential Frequency offset ( 2 octaves up and down from the global frequency and mutliplier setting )
    • Individual amplitude multiplier per filter.
    • Note: affects the filter's amplitude after SLOPE has been applied. For full control over the levels of each filter turn down SLOPE fully.
  • ENABLE switch
    • Each filter can be enabled/disabled individually with this switch.


    • Signal input to filter
  • MIX
    • Dry/Wet mix for input and output signal.
  • FDBK
    • Feedback level for each filter. This will sharpen the resonance spike further and have the filter ring out more.
  • GAIN
    • Increase or decrease the output level
    • There's a gently soft clipper in the output stage that can be driven with this control.
  • OUT
    • Filter output signal