TREMOVERB takes its inspiration from the swampy tube-driven tremolo and drippy spring reverb effects typically found in vintage guitar amplifiers. But TREMOVERB isn’t just for guitars - we think it can sound great with synth sounds or even ambient drones!

In addition to the three basic controls, TREMOVERB has a few tricks up its sleeve, including stereo operation / enhancement and an optional signal boost.

TREMOVERB handles mono or stereo inputs, but as it’s a stereo processor, we recommend using both outputs.

ON button toggles TREMOVERB between active and bypass mode.

SPEED controls the rate of the tremolo effect from 0.1 - 10.0 Hz.

DEPTH controls the intensity of the tremolo effect using an asymmetrical rounded triangle wave for classic vintage throb.

REVERB controls the level of the spring reverb effect and applies a touch of subtle stereo enhancement, which can work great on mono signals.

The TREM / VERB switch allows you to change the signal processing sequence. When set to the left position, tremolo will be applied before reverb. When set to the right, reverb will be applied first, then tremolo, which is the configuration typically found in a guitar amp.

The PHASE switch changes the phase of the tremolo wave cycle applied to the right channel. When set to the left position, both channels are in phase. When set to the right, the right channel is out of phase with the left channel, creating a pseudo-stereo panning effect. When the channels are out of phase, the tremolo speed will also appear to double.

The BOOST switch applies a fixed amount of additional gain to the signal, post-tremolo. In keeping with the vintage theme, this is a slightly dirty boost that can even be useful on its own with tremolo and reverb turned down to zero. The effect of the boost when using reverb will also sound different depending on the TREM / VERB processing sequence.

Audio demo was created using the minimode Mallets preset with TREMOVERB in out of phase, trem after reverb mode. There are a few seconds of unprocessed minimode at the start of the clip.

We hope you have as much vintage-vibe fun trying (or buying!) TREMOVERB as we did making it!

Title of Song

  • minimode-with-TREMOVERB