Trigger Position Sequencer

Type: Module

Category: Controller

Updated: Aug 02, 2019

Manufacturer: Benard

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This sequencer allows you to set the position of trigger events in time using 8 sliders.

Each channel has its own separate output at the right, and the All Ts output sends the triggers of all channels, but it will not retrigger when there are consecutive active beats on different channels.

When you move a slider, the LED grid at the top will reflect the position of the trigger within the pattern. Patterns can be up to 4 bars long, with each bar having 4 beats. The number of steps (or beats) can be set with the vertical slider to the left of the LED grid.

The active step will be indicated by the blue LED at the top of the grid.

You can turn off individual trigger channels using the mute buttons next to the sliders. The number label of the muted channels will be displayed in red rather than black to indicate the channel is inactive.

There are play, stop and reset controls on the left, each with its own trigger input, and you can also use an external clock by connecting it to the input below the clock knob and engaging the Ext toggle.

There are also buttons and trigger inputs to randomize the sliders and the mutes, as well as a button and trigger input to return all the mutes to the off position.

This module is great for experimenting with random rhythms and quickly generating complex rhythmic patterns, and for mutating rhtyhms by gradually moving the position of the sliders. It is not the most flexible of sequencers, but it offers very intuitive control that can be very useful in many situations.

Included in the Benard Mega Bundle Vol. 2.