Triple Sample and Hold

Type: Module

Category: Processor

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Manufacturer: Benard

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This module was made at the request of a user. It provides 3 channels of sample and hold. The N toggles select between internal white noise (when engaged) and the respective input signal. A trigger signal needs to be connected to at least the first trigger input, but triggers can be sent to the next channel down by engaging the downward pointing triangle toggles, making it easier to switch between synced and independent triggers for the different channels.

The outputs have attenuverters to scale and invert the range of the signals.

Din McHine

Jan 11, 20

Most Definitely!

Grabbed for free during Holidays!
I found this module pretty useful! What more? - it is sample and hold but triple! And for me, specially, it will give a taste of other Bernard's modules. Thanks!