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Synthetic Future X R_Ware VaporWaves

If there is one module that every patch needs it's the LFO. Modulation can create movement, expression and emotion. With the Vapor-Series LFO's R_Ware and Synthetic_Future looked at the most important features that every LFO should have and added a whole bunch more so you can count on it to do exactly what you need. The Vapor-Series LFO's come in three tiers so you can get exactly what your patch needs at all times:

  • VaporDroplet:

    • Our free entry into the Vapor-Series. VaporDroplet comes in three fresh colors that will spice up your patches. It features our morphable waveshape and all the controls of the fully fledged VaporWaves but is limited to a single LFO and no mix LFO.
  • VaporRipple:

    • VaporRipple has four morphable LFO's AND a mix LFO. It's LFO rates are coupled to a master-rate to make tempo changes to all your LFO's as little effort as turning a single dial. Great for generative patches or live performances where you might not have a steady 4/4 going. It's a compact way to add a lot of LFO power to your patches!
  • VaporWaves:

    • VaporWaves gives you full control to ensure that nothing comes between you and your creative vision. Every LFO can function as a stand alone LFO while at the same time creating amazingly complex and often unexpected results on the mix LFO. VaporWaves gives you a lot of LFO per rack unit. There's CV everywhere and every LFO has it's own (MODULATABLE!!) sample & hold. RIDE THE WAVES!

VaporWaves Controls:

  • Morphable waveform: chose a sin/tri/saw/square wave or anything in between

  • Rate: set your rate range from 0hz (!) all the way to 20hz for super fine controls. Sync allows you to dial in odd-time measures and creative timings.

  • Phase: shift the phase of your LFO. Also contains the retrigger control Use global trigger to tie multiple LFO's to a single trigger without much routing!

  • S&H: Square up your waveforms with sample and hold. But if you want some smoothing that's an option as well!

  • Outputs: per LFO output with attenuator and offset

  • Mix LFO: mix your four LFO's into a new fifth LFO! This mix can be modulated with CV.

  • Global trigger: this input triggers all LFO's sync when they have global trigger enabled

  • Mix S&H: Square up your mixwaveform with sample and hold.

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