Velocity Envelope

Manufacturer: MRB

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This is a special ADSR envelope generator with dynamic capabilities. This module takes GATE and VELocity inputs. The velocity values modulate the internal targets of the envelope, thus rendering it dynamic. In other words, the harder you play, the bigger the envelope. This effect is regulated by the DYNamics knob. If fully counterclockwise, there is no dynamic effect and the envelope is always at full height. If fully clockwise, zero velocity means zero envelope, and full velocity means full envelope. You will find a spot on this knob to suit your touch. If nothing is connected to the VELocity input, the knob has no effect and the envelope always responds at full strength. AD, ADSR, and AR envelopes are simultaneously available along with 3 little meters to show you their activity. A button is provided to manually fire the envelope.