Life, the Universe and Everything. Or maybe just the Life part, Conway's Game of Life to be specific. We'll save the Universe and Everything for future modules.

Customize (or randomize) your starting pattern and then cycle through the generations both visually and via the outputs. Can act as either a sequencer or a switch.

Sequencer mode

  • 8x8 grid of outputs reflect the state of the current generation with a constant +5 or 0
  • 4 output modes: alive, dead, birth, death

Switch Mode

  • 8x8 grid of inputs that contribute to a single output based on whether the associated cell is alive or dead in the current generation
  • declicking and/or averaging if desired

Newly added

  • extinction and pattern repetition detected and signaled
  • optional mode to allow easier matching of cell to associated jack
  • randomization and clearing of current state exposed for CV