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  • VOCODER ANALYSIS is based on Doepfer's.
  • It is sold individually and as part of QUAD BUNDLE.
  • The voice signal is fed into the vocoder's analysis input.
  • This signal is sent through a set of parallel filters with successive envelope followers that create a "signature" of the input signal, based on the frequency content and level of the frequency components.
  • The VOCODER ANALYSIS and VOCODER SYNTHESIS modules form a basic modular vocoder.
  • The vocoder needs two input signals: a voice element which serves as the raw material for the tonal shaping, and is patched into the analysis section (VOCODER ANALYSIS module); and a carrier signal, which is patched via the instrument input into the synthesis section (VOCODER SYNTHESIS module).
  • The speech signal is chopped up and analyzed in the VOCODER ANALYSIS module, and then combined with the carrier signal in the VOCODER SYNTHESIS module synthesis section.
  • As a result of this procedure, the carrier signal assumes the tonal character of the speech signal, but with its own pitch maintained.
  • Env Level control knob acts as attenuator when CV In inserted.

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  • QUAD VOCODER_Demo1.wav
  • QUAD VOCODER_Demo2.wav