Volt Shifter

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Create a sequence of arbitrary voltages.

Volt Shifter is best thought of as a purple, parallel-loaded, 8-stage voltage shift register. There are three voltage ranges: 0V to 1V, 0V to 5V and -10V to +10V. Each stage can be set to any voltage in the chosen range. Every time a trigger signal arrives at the "Advance" input the sequence shifts along one position and the output changes accordingly. The sequence length can be set from 1 to 8 and a rather groovy mini-waveform display gives a visual indication of the voltage sequence.

The first range is perfect for generating note CVs within an octave, especially when paired with a quantizer. The other two ranges will find a use driving envelopes, gates and any number of CV inputs. For example, you could feed the output through Cherry Audio's Glide module to smooth out the transitions.

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