Vult Basal

Manufacturer: Vult

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Basal is a easy to use and nice sounding oscillator. It's specifically designed for creating smooth sounds with low harmonic content. Basal features a self modulation technique that acts when the oscillator changes pitches.


  • Tune: offsets the V/OCT input one octave up or down.
  • Oct: offsets the V/OCT input three octaves up and down.
  • Mod 1: creates overtones by distorting the phase of the main oscillator.
  • Mod 2: increases the number of harmonics.
  • V/OCT: this is the main input of the oscillator. It defines the pitch using the 1V per octave convention. Zero volts corresponds to a C3 note.
  • Out: main output of the oscillator.

Title of Song

  • Basal-Only-Melody
  • Basal-+-Knock