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Knock is a modern take on a classic analog bass drum. It features a hybrid engine capable producing a wide variety of drum sounds. The Stress input allows for further shaping of the sound by using a vactrol model to control the envelope.

Knock is split in two sections: the oscillator and noise synthesizers. The oscillator section is analog modeled while the noise is a special oscillator capable of producing many kinds of clicking sounds.


Oscillator section

  • Tune (Knob): offsets by one octave up or down the tune of the drum. When no signal is connected to the Tune input the range goes from F0 to F2.
  • Decay: defines how long the drum sound is.
  • Bend: defines the initial pitch of the drum when simulating a hit.
  • Time: defines how much time the pitch takes to move from the initial pitch to the actual pitch of the drum.
  • Fury: changes the main oscillator wave and adds distortion to achieve a more aggressive sound.

Noise section

  • Type: changes the kind of noise oscillator used.
  • Depth: defines the level of the noise
  • Shift: changes the perceived pitch of the noise

Modulation section

This section provides inputs and attenuverters to modulate the following parameters:

  • Fury
  • Decay
  • Depth
  • Shift

Inputs and Outputs

  • Gate: a signal larger than 2.0 V will trigger the sound. In order to be re-triggered the signal needs to go below that threshold and up again.
  • Tune: defines the pitch of the drum. The given value will be offset by the Tune Knob.
  • Stress: this signal can be used to control the level of the sound. The control signal is passed to a Vactrol model that will soften the transitions and will provide a smoother sound. When a signal is connected 0.0 V corresponds to ~40% of the level. 10.0 V corresponds to 100% of the sound. Negative signals will reduce the level below the 40%.
  • Out: main output of the module.

Extreme Mode

Knock has a toggle switch that will change the module to the extreme settings. In this mode, all the ranges of the parameters are expanded allowing for more aggressive sounds.

Title of Song

  • Knock-Basic-Stress-Modulation
  • Knock-Extreme
  • Knock-Melodic