Vult Leakage

Manufacturer: Vult

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Leakage is a multi purpose voltage processor. It can be used as:

  • Gain control
  • Offset
  • Sample and hold
  • Slew limiter (linear and exponential)
  • Envelope follower
  • Noise source
  • Gate


  • Range: Attenuates/amplifies the input signal (or noise) from 0x to 2x.
  • Offset: Adds a constant voltage to the input signal from -5V to 5V.
  • Follower:
    • Lin: The output signal will approach the input signal linearly at a rate defined by the Rate knob.
    • Exp: The output signal will approach the input signal exponentially at a rate defined by the Rate knob.
    • Env: Envelope follower, the output signal will approach exponentially to the envelope of the input signal.
  • Rate: Defines the speed (or time constant) at which the follower reacts.
  • In: Input signal. When disconnected Leakage generates noise.
  • Clk: Signal used to trigger the S&H. When disconnected the S&H is bypassed.
  • Out: Output of the processed signal.

Modulation inputs

Leakage provides a pair of inputs and attenuverters to control the Range and the Offset. Modulating the Range can behave as a Gate or VCA allowing you to multiply the input signal by a second CV signal.

Special Functions

Leakage behaves differently depending on which signals are connected. When the In signal is not connected, Leakage generates noise at it's input. When a signal is connected to the Clk input, Leakage becomes a Sample and Hold.

Title of Song

  • Leakage+Basal---Random-Melody
  • Leakage+Nurage---Filter-Cutoff