Vult Nitrous

Type: Module

Category: Filters

Updated: Aug 05, 2021

Manufacturer: Vult

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Nitrous is a model of the TB-303 filter. The TB-303 filter is a diode ladder consisting of four poles, but providing an effective attenuation of 18dB per octave.

Control Description

Main controls

  • Cutoff: sets the frequency where the attenuation starts taking effect
  • Drive: controls the level of the input signal.
  • Resonance: controls the feedback of the circuit.

CV control

There are two inputs and attenuations that can be used to control the Cutoff control: CV1 and CV2.

Inputs and Outputs

  • Input: main input of the module.
  • Output: main output of the module.

Title of Song

  • Nitrous-Acid.mp3