Vult Rescomb 2

Manufacturer: Vult

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Rescomb 2 is a simple but effective comb filter that can be used to create metallic and glitchy sounds. Thanks to it's high feedback and input distortion it can be used to mangle the sound in extreme ways.

Rescomb 2 can be used as well as a Karplus-Strong like sound generator by using it's direct V/OCT input and stimulating it with short pulses.


Filter Section

The knobs Frequency, Feedback and Drive provide a pair of inputs and attenuverters that can be used to modulate the parameter.

  • Frequency: defines the width of the frequency combs. This is what defines the main sonic character of the filter.
  • Feedback: controls the level of output signal that is circulated to the input. The feedback can be used to define the sound decay then the filter is feed with short pulses. High levels of feedback will make the filter self oscillate.
  • Drive: controls the level of the input signal. High drive will cause the filter to saturate producing distortion in the the sound. It can be used to add character to the input.
  • Comb: this switch selects the kind of Comb filter (Comb+ or Comb-). The kind of filter determines the sonic characteristics. Depending on the input sound, it can enhance the low frequencies in one setting or the highs in the other.
  • V/OCT: this is a direct input to set the frequency of the filter. The input will be offset by the Frequency knob. This input is specially useful when using Rescomb 2 as a sound generator.

LFO Section

  • Rate: defines the LFO frequency. It can got from super slow to audio rate.
  • Wave: selects among the three available waveforms:
    • Tri: triangular wave
    • Saw: saw wave
    • Chaos: chaotic wave
  • LFO->Freq: controls the amount of LFO modulation sent to the Frequency.
  • LFO->Feed: controls the amount of LFO modulation sent to the Feedback.
  • LFO(Output): provides the signal generated by the LFO. The signal is unipolar.
  • Sync(Input): received a trigger signal to reset the LFO to the initial state.

Audio Inputs and Outputs

Rescomb provides stereo inputs and outputs to simplify manipulation of stereo signals.

Title of Song

  • Rescomb2-Karplus-Melody
  • Rescomb2-OnDrums