Vult Vorg

Manufacturer: Vult

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Vorg is a low/high pass filter modeled after Vult's own modernized Operational Transconductance Amplifier version of the MS-20 filter. Vorg in one of the models that have a hardware counterpart made by Vult.


  • Cutoff: Defines the frequency at which the filters starts attenuating frequencies.
  • CV1 & CV2: these pairs of input jack and attenuation knob are the modulation sources for the Cutoff control. Notice that the knobs are attenuators not attenuverters.
  • Resonance: the resonance boost the frequencies near the cutoff frequency. Increase this knob and you will hear the personality of the filter. After some point the filter will start self-oscillating and can be used as a sound generator.
  • Drive: controls the amount of signal that enters to the filter. Increasing the drive will cause the filter to saturate which adds interesting harmonics to the sound.
  • Mode: pressing the button switches between low pass and high pass filter mode. The current mode is shown by the LED lights in the panel.
  • In: input to the filter.
  • Out: output of the filter.

Title of Song

  • Vorg-+-Noxious-+-Knock