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Vultari is a model of the famous Punk Console oscillator based on the 555 chip, with a few enhancements. In addition to pulses, Vultari provides saw waves generated by the charge and discharge of the oscillator. One of the differences with the original circuit is that we used larger capacitors in order to provide a lower pitch more suitable for bass.

Vultari does not have a very good 1V/OCT tunning.

Control description

All controls provide a CV input and attenuverter.

  • Tune: sets the main pitch of the oscillator.
  • PW/Skip: changes the pulse width of the secondary 555. This will behave as if some of the pulses are skipped lowering the pitch of the oscillator.
  • Both: changes the Tune and the PW at the same time.
  • Wave: blends the individual oscillator outputs into one.

Title of Song

  • Vultari Waves
  • Disjoint+Vultari+Boomstick+Lapsus