This sequencer (and 1x5 switch) is built around the cellular automaton Langton's Ant. An ant's next move is determined by the current state of the cell it's standing on which advances to the next state when the ant leaves. While the default setup implements the original algorithm, there are 2 additional movement rules and up to 3 additional states should you wish to make things a bit more complicated (and colorful).

  • The starting state, movement rules for each state, and the ant's initial position and orientation are customizable.
  • A grid of outputs represents the state of each cell, which is specifiable in the range [-5, 5] or, optionally, the current position of the ant.
  • 3 jacks continuously encode the ant's coordinates and orientation.
  • A 1x5 switch routes signal based on the state of the cell at the ant's current position.