Wave Mixer

A mixer with a twist! This wave mixer allows you to blend waves using normal "x-fade" mixing followed by an additive and a multiplier modulation section, all with CV control of the mix. The multiplier section now offers the original multiplier mode (which mixes the multiplied/untreated waveforms), a traditional Amplitude Modulation and Ring Modulation mode as well as an Exponential Ring Modulation mode which provides a more vintage-sounding Ring Mod for audio signals. This module allows you to do wave mixing modulation of any waveforms from any oscillator similar to the Shape, Round and Wavefold controls of the Super Oscillator. Designed for audio and low-frequency oscillators running in sync at the same frequency or multiples, but can be used with any sources

Also sold as part of Andrew Macaulay's Switches and Mixers Collection and included in Andrew Macaulay's Ultimate Bundle.

Andrew Macaulay's modules are a suite of Control and Utility focused modules for Voltage Modular around gates/trigger handling, envelopes, ratcheting/sequencing and mixing/switching. Andrew is a musician and retired IT pro who started developing modules for Voltage Modular to add useful tools for use in his own compositions before deciding to share them through the store.

More information including news, product plans, release notes and help pages at https://andrewmacaulaymusic.uk/modules.


Apr 20, 20

Simple, but great!

A lot of fun and posibilities in this one. For me, combination of a few of these is a great way how to blend multiple oscilators together.