WC-30 Envelope Follower


**Update - now includes Dark Mode! Just click on the DMT Audio logo on the top-right of the module to toggle between modes.

Based on the Buchla 230 Envelope Follower - this triple Envelope Follower module allows you to convert signal amplitudes into control voltages. Feed in audio from samples, or from external inputs, and give your modular sounds some life and movement!


Signal Inputs - Audio Inputs. The module will follow the amplitude of the signals from here.

Sensitivity - Determines the volume of the audio signals, to be processed. Essentially, the higher the value, wider the range of voltage the module will output.

Decay Time - Determines how long the generated CV takes to fall back down.

Pulse Response - Determine the way in which the Pulse Outputs work. There are two modes, SUST and TRANS - to be explained in the Pulse Outputs section.


Pulse Outputs - Sends out a HIGH signal depending on the Pulse reponse mode. In SUST Mode, if the CV Output is greater than 2.5v, a HIGH Signal is generated, otherwise it stays at LOW. In TRANS mode a HIGH signal is generated if a significant increase in volume is detected - great for noise input sounds.

CV Outputs- The CV Output generated by the envelope followers.

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