WC-57 Voltage Processor


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Based on the Buchla 257 Dual Voltage Processor, this modules allows you to combine multiple control signals in various ways, including addition, multiplication and inversion. The module is centred around the following formula:

(Va x K) + (Vb x M') + (Vc x M) + O

...where Va, Vb, Vc are Voltage Inputs, and K, M and O are the knobs (M' is the inverse of M).

Essentially, we can break this up into three sections:

  1. Input Va can be attenuated or inverted using knob K
  2. We can cross-fade between inputs Vb and Vc using knob M and/or input Vm
  3. We can add or subtract and offset voltage, using knob O.

We then add these all together to get the output voltage.

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