WC-58 Dual Oscillator


Dual Oscillator based on the Buchla 258 Dual Oscillator.

Freq - Coarse frequency input, measured in voltages (1 volt per octave). V/Oct - Keyboard or Sequencer Pitch Input CV In - Separate pitch voltage input. Usage examples include an LFO input for vibrato, or an envelope generator input for a Pitch Bend. Includes an Attenuverter knob to control the amount of CV Input you wish to have.

FM In - Linear FM Input, feed it an Oscillator input for some lovely FM tones! (Tip - use the output from the other oscillator!). Includes an FM Input knob which allows you to control the level of FM Input.

Shape - Controls the wave shape. On Oscillator 1 this sweeps from Sine wave to Saw wave, on Oscillator 2 this sweeps from Sine to Square Wave. This can be CV Controlled using the CV Input next to it.

Output - Oscillator audio output.

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