WC-59 Complex Oscillator


Make some noise with the WC-59 Complex Oscillator. Essentially two Oscillators, where the one (the Modulation Oscillator) can modulate the other in a number of different ways: Amplitude Modulation, Frequency Modulation, Timbre Modulation, or a combination of the three to make some gnarly sounds!

Each oscillator can be controlled via 1/v Oct, attenuated CV or via a linear FM input, and the second oscillator can be phase locked (Sync'd) to an external signal. The second oscillator also features additional timbral controls; the Timbre control controls the Wavefolding, and the Order and Symmetry tweak the shapes even further. And basically everything can be CV Controlled!

Common Controls

1v/oct - Standard pitch input, send in a Keyboard or Sequencer CV signal here.

CV In - Additional Attenuverted-CV Input. Great for adding in an LFO with a small depth to give you a nice vibrato.

FM In - Send in an audio signal to frequency modulate the oscillator. This is a linear input unlike the other two 1v/Oct or CV inputs which are exponential.

Frequency (Coarse / Fine Knobs) - The large knob controls the coarse frequency, and the small FINE knob controls the pitch at a finer detail.

Modulation Oscillator


Waveshape - Select the waveshaoe of the modulation oscillator. Select between Triangle, Ramp and Square.

Range - Changes the pitch range of the oscillator. H gives you a standard audio-rate oscillator, whilst changing to L gives you a Low-Frequency oscillator instead.


Triangle Out - Sends out a raw Triangle Wave, useful for modulating external modules.

Osc. Out - Sends out an oscillator signal based on the Waveshape control.


Amplitude Mod. - When on, the Complex Oscillator modulates the Amplitude of the Modulation Oscillator, giving you some cool tremolo sounds at low speed, and some very interesting sounds higher up!

Frequency Mod. - When on, the Complex Oscillator modulates the Frequency of the Modulation Oscillator allowing you to make some cool FM sounds using only 1 module!

Timbre Mod. - When on, the Complex Oscillator modulates the Wavefolding of the Modulation Oscillator.

Mod. Index - Controls the depth or amount of modulation to send to the Complex Oscillator.

Complex Oscillator

The complex Oscillator starts of with a basic sine wave, but can be modulated in a number of different ways to give you a wide palette of sounds.


Phase Lock - Essentially a Hard Sync - connect an external oscillator and the phase of the complex oscillator will reset whenever the input goes HIGH.

Timbre - Controls the Wavefolder on the Complex Oscillator. This can be controlled via the knob, a CV Input, or by the Modulation Oscillator.

Order - Slightly offsets the DC signal pre-wavefolding, then puts it back, which makes the wavefolded slightly asymmetrical, and alters the sound.

Symmetry - Hard to explain, but increases the 'spiky-ness' of the waveform and accentuates higher frequencies.


Sine Out - Sends out a raw Sine wave oscillator signal, untouched by the Modulation sources or Timbre controls.

Pulse Out - Sends out a raw Pulse wave oscillator signal, untouched by the Modulation sources or Timbre controls.

Main Output - Outputs the Complex Oscillator signal.

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