WC-62 Harmonic Oscillator


Update - now includes Dark Mode! Just click on the DMT Audio logo on the top-right of the module to toggle between modes.

Based off the 262 Harmonic Oscillator - this module features a stack of 8 sine oscillators, where the frequencies are multiples of the base frequency. Each harmonic's gain can be CV controlled which can give you some crazy sounds!


CV IN - 1v/Oct input to control frequency of the oscillator. This can be offset using the CV In knob to transpose.

FM IN - Frequency Modulation input for the module.

SPREAD - Controls the 'spread' of the frequencies of each oscillator. At 100% each harmonic is an octave apart and turning clockwise or anti-clockwise brings the frequencies further apart or closer together. Can be CV controlled.

TILT - Controls the balance of the oscillators. At the center position the balance is level between low and high harmonics; turning to the left accentuates the lower harmonics, turning to the right highlights the higher harmonics.

CENTER - The CENTER controls allows you to 'sweep' through each harmonic individually. Turned either fully anti-clockwise or clockwise, and with all the slider set to 0, the module will emit no sound, but turning the knob will fade in/out each harmonic successively .

WIDTH - Combined with the CENTER control, this controls the width of the 'peak' of the center value. For example, turned fully anti-clockwise, the width is very thin and thus only one harmonic will play - turning this up widens the peak and allows the neighbouring harmonics to become heard.

HARMONIC GAIN - 8 Sliders & CV Attenuators to control the gain of each harmonic in turn.


MIX OUT - Output a mix of all oscillators, with the gain of each determined by the sliders + CV In values.

1-8 OUT - Output individual oscillators.

Tips & Tricks

As per the hardware model, turning up the harmonic gain too far can nicely saturated!

Set the SPREAD value to fractions or irrational values to go Microtonal!

Connect different Envelope Generators to the HARMONIC GAIN CV Inputs get some really cool pad sounds!

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