WC-66 Uncertainty


Update - now includes Dark Mode! Just click on the DMT Audio logo on the top-right of the module to toggle between modes.

Based on the famous Buchla Source Of Uncertainty, the Uncertainty module provides a palette of unpredictability by giving you an array of different random sources - 3 different types of noise, fluctuating random voltages with a CV controlled frequency, quantized random voltages and stored random voltages where you can control the distribution of random voltages (low, high etc). To top it off, we also have a Sample & Hold section with alternating pulse outputs, as well as an Integrator, which works as a voltage-controlled slew limiter. That's a lot of Uncertainty!


Noise Source - 3 Different types of noise: +3db/Oct (White Noise) - the brightest with the highest amount of high-frequency content, Flat (Pink Noise) and -3db/Oct (Red Noise - or Integrated Noise), with less high-frequency content.

Fluctuating Random Voltage- Provides 2 constantly-moving voltage outputs. The frequency of this movements can be controlled using either the Frequency Knobs or via the CV Inputs.

Quantized Random Voltage - Provides 2 random voltages where the range -5v to 5v is broken down into equal intervals, determined by the quantization knob. For example, the top output will give you 2 to the power n voltages, where n is the number chosen using the knob or CV Input. If set to 3, for example, you will get 2^3 = 8 different voltages chosen randomly, but spread out equally over the range. The bottom output will return n+1 voltages, so if set to 3, will give you 4 random voltages spaced out equally over the -5v to 5v range. These random voltages only change when receiving a PULSE or TRIGGER input in the top left INPUT of the section.

Stored Random Voltage - Similar to the Quantized random voltages in that it needs a TRIGGER or PULSE to fire off new random voltages. This section will generate random voltages based on the distribution selected by the knob or via CV Input. For example, set all the way anti-clockwise, you will find that the random voltages generated are lower; all the way clockwise, the voltages generated will generally be higher.

Integrator - Essentially a slew limiter, input a control voltage and the output will give you a 'filtered' version where changes are smoothed out over time. This time can be controlled using either the knob or via the CV Input.

Sample & Hold - An interesting Sample & Hold section, this features a standard CV Input and Pulse Input, and returns a held voltage whenever the Pulse Input is HIGH. However, this section also contains extra outputs - 2 extra Pulse Outs and 2 CV Outs. The alt Pulse outs trigger alternately whenever a PULSE or HIGH signal is received in the PULSE Input, and the alt CV Outs will output alternate Control Voltages for each Pulse In received. Cool!

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