WC-92 Quad Lopass Gate


Update - now includes Dark Mode! Just click on the DMT Audio logo on the top-right of the module to toggle between modes.

Based on the Buchla 292 - this is a 4x Lopass gate, which combines VCA and filters. Emulating Vactrol technology, this allows you to recreate the infamouse filter pings that are integral to the West-Coast Modular sound - try sending triggers directly into the CV Inputs to hear the response!


Inputs (A, B, C, D) - Input jack for Audio/CV Signals.

Mode -

  1. Gate - Works just like a linear VCA controlling volume of signal.
  2. Both - Combination of VCA and the Lopass Gate, controls both volume and the cutoff frequency of the signal.
  3. Lopass - Filters signal based off attenuator knob + CV Input.

    Attenuators - Use the included knobs or the individual CV Inputs to control the gain/cutoff frequency off the lopass gates.


Outputs (Individual) - Individual outputs for each processed input.

Mix - An equal mix of all four processed signals.

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Title of Song

  • Voltage-Modular-Recording-009