WC-96 Spectral Processor

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The WC-96 Spectral Processor is a 16-channel bandpass filter with a multitude of ways to sculpt your sounds! Inspired by the Buchla 296 hardware module, this module can be used as an equalizer, envelope follower, a voltage-controllable bandpass filter as well as a primitive vocoder by using the unique Spectrum Transfer Control. The 16 bands can also be split into 2 separate 8-band filters for some unique sounds.


All - This input will pass the audio signal through to all 16 bands for processing.

Odd/ Even - The input signal will pass through to either the odd or even bands for processing.

Local Program Inputs - 16 CV Inputs which allow you to control the gain of the associated band. Please note that this will only affect the signal going to the PROGRAMMED OUTS.

Gain Sliders - Each slider will affect the gain of the associated band. Please note that this will only affect the signal going to the ATTENUATED OUTS.

Program Control

The WC-96 features a sweepable peak control similar to the WC-62 Harmonic Oscillator (also in the West Coast Bundle!). Set both controlsfully anti-clockwise to turn off.

Frequency - Determines the 'peak' frequency. This can be controlled by either the knob or CV input (with attenuverter control).

Width - Determines the width of the peak. A low value gives a very narrow peak and you will find that there are gaps of silence between bands. Higher values open up the peak to include more bands, and the highest value will include all bands, no matter what Frequency you use.

Envelope Follower

Each band has an Envelope Follower output, which outputs a CV signal based on the amplitude of the band.

Env. Decay Time - The decay time of the Envelope follower can be modified to 3 different rates, which may be suitable for different input sound sources. Use a longer decay time if the output CV is too 'noisy' or jumpy.

Spectrum Transfer

This magic switch makes use of the ODD and EVEN inputs to impose the amplitudes of one group onto the other group, turning the module into a rudimentary Vocoder!

Switching to the left imposes the ODD band Amplitudes onto the EVEN signal, and switching to the right imposes the EVEN band Amplitudes onto the ODD input signal. The resulting signal will then come from either the ODD or EVEN PROGRAMMED OUTPUTS jacks.


Comb Filter Outputs - Outputs ODD and EVEN signals, unaffected by the Program Inputs or the Attenuators.

Attenuator Outputs - Outputs ALL, ODD and EVEN signal only affected by Sliders/Attenuators.

Programmed Outputs - Outputs ALL, ODD and EVEN signal affected by Program Inputs & Freq/Width Controls.

Envelope Follower Outputs - Outputs a CV signal based on the Amplitude of the Input from the associated Band.

Band Outputs - Outputs an unattenuated signal processed by the associated band.

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