The Waverley Instruments reverb, or “WI” REVERB to its friends, is our attempt to create a compact and CPU-friendly reverb for Voltage Modular with a BIG sound. While not designed to be an emulation or replica of a specific hardware or software effect, it’s aimed to appeal to ambient and atmospheric music makers who like their reverbs to be larger than life. Did we mention this reverb sounds BIG?

We’ve also tried to keep the WI-REVERB refreshingly simple with just four basic controls.

WI-REVERB is a stereo in / out effects module and is best appreciated when both output channels are used. If only one input channel is used, it will be duplicated at the unused input.

The large blue ACTIVE button switches WI-REVERB on and off. Note that this is a “soft switch” so that the effect will not be cut off abruptly when WI-REVERB is tuned off.

SIZE varies the size of the emulated reverb space. At lower SIZE settings, WI-REVERB can also emulate smaller room / hall type spaces, but around the half-way mark and beyond is where it’s really at. When max’d out, the reverb tail will decay (eventually…) into a shoegazey sonic mush!

TONE applies a low pass filter to the reverb effect. Turn clockwise for a bright sound and anti-clockwise for a darker / warmer tone.

MOD adds modulation to the reverb and there should be plenty on tap to get into serious 80s Synth Wave territory!

MIX adjusts the balance between the wet (reverb) effect and your original (dry) signal. We think the centre / noon position is a good starting point which is a 25% wet mix. At 50% the balance is equal between wet and dry, and as you go beyond 50%, the dry signal level is reduced eventually leaving 100% wet.

WI-REVERB has internal limiters at the feedback and output stages. An LED LIMIT indicator will light if the output threshold is exceeded so you can tell at a glance if your gain staging is getting a little toasty.

We hope that you’ll consider taking the WI-REVERB along with you on your ambient adventures!

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