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  • WIDENER is a stereo enhancer module.
  • WIDENER is sold individually and as part of Effect Bundle.
  1. Switch to bypass/enable the module.
  2. Switch to swap channels Left to Right and Right to Left.
  3. Switches to solo Mid and Sides, so you can also process them separately.
  4. Two types of behavior (subtle difference).
  5. Width control knob : mid selection is the start position, therefore counterclockwise direction for turning your sound to mono, while clockwise to expand it.
  6. Two LEDs to control correlation with Left and Right channels : when most of the times the green LED is on more than the red one means your audio signal is in phase otherwise you hear an unnatural sound.
  7. You can also use it on samples, external instruments, etc..

Hope you have fun with it!!! ;)

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