WOBULATER is the Waverley Instruments spin on a short delay with modulation, aka “chorus” effect. We wanted to do something a bit different, but with a fairly simple objective:

Typically with chorus, you can hear an obvious cycle as the delay time is modulated corresponding to the rate control, especially at high depth settings. We wanted to make that less obvious on the WOBULATER, so we designed a little LFO matrix that generates what we call “wobulation”. So, if you combine wobulation, with a delayed, or later signal, you get a WOBU-LATER!

WOBULATER handles mono or stereo inputs, but as it’s a stereo processor, we recommend using both outputs.

ON button toggles WOBULATER between active and bypass mode.

Rest assured, the rest of the controls aren’t quite as cryptic as they may appear!

LENGTH (L) sets the overall delay time between 10 and 100ms. At higher settings, the WOBULATER can get into automatic double-tracking (ADT) territory.

WIDTH (W) is the range of the delay modulation as a percentage of the delay time, up to a maximum of +/-50ms.

HEIGHT (H) determines how high the effect level is compared to the dry signal, where 0% is no effect, and 100% is effect only. It’s basically a mix control.

The XYZ knobs control the rates of the three LFOs in the “wobulation matrix” which typically results in a fairly smooth, but slightly unpredictable wobble that can be expressed as:


Finally, we have a switch that inverts the left and right wobulation phase. With the switch to the left, wobulation is inverted / out of phase and is our recommended setting. In some cases though, you might want the same wobulation to be applied to both channels, so flip the switch to the right for in-phase wobulation.

Audio demo was created using a tweaked saw pad minimode preset. Unprocessed sound can be heard at the start and end of the clip.


Title of Song

  • minimode-with-WOBULATER