Andrew Macaulay Tutorial Presets

This set of presets, which will be added to and improved over time, is provided to help explain how some of the more esoteric modules might be used. Notes are included with each preset to help explain how the modules have been connected and why. Please note that they are explicitly for demonstrating the capabilities and are NOT designed to be musically or sonically great!

The presets are designed to use only elements of the Andrew Macaulay collections with the base features of Voltage Modular, although there may be some added showing wider ranges of uses including the these modules with the Electro-Drums collection.

Please also note that, in order to keep the deployment and use of the presets as simple as possible, presets for all Andrew Macaulay's collections are delivered with every collection. Note also that these presets will evolve/improve over time. Please do not expect any of these preset to stay static - if you want to use them as a start of your own preset, then save it in your User Presets to then modify and change it for your use.