Byte Oscillator Tutorial

Manufacturer: Weevil

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This is a collection of 5 presets designed as a tutorial for the Weevil Byte Oscillator: Tutorial 1 - Getting started Tutorial 2 - Normal oscillator Tutorial 3 - Effect Tutorial 4 - Granular mode Tutorial 5 - Bytebeat Tutorial 6 - Table Tutorial 7 - Samples Tutorial 8 - Macros Tutorial 9 - Macros and Samples Tutorial 10 - LFO Wavetable Map

On top of the normal cherry audio modules it uses: Byte Oscillator (obviously) Multi Oscilloscope (can be replaced with the cherry audio oscilloscope) Notes Panel (excellent and free) Vult Knobs (excellent and free) Transistor 808 Kick (not needed) Drum Trigger Sequencer (needed for tutorial 9)

Each tutorial patch uses the 3-6 variations to teach the core concepts of the byte oscillator.


Nov 1, 20