Harmony Tutorial

Manufacturer: Weevil

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This is a collection of 3 presets designed as a tutorial for the Weevil module Harmony:

  • Harmony Tutorial 1 - Quantizer
  • Harmony Tutorial 2 - Chords
  • Harmony Tutorial 3 - Sets

Each tutorial patch uses the 3-6 variations to teach the core concepts of the Harmony module.

On top of the normal cherry audio modules the tutorial uses:

  • Harmony (obviously)
  • Multi Oscilloscope (can be replaced with the cherry audio oscilloscope)
  • Notes Panel (excellent and free)
  • Vult Knobs (excellent and free)
  • Note Watcher (excellent but not free, demo available)

I have also added some sample patches to get you started working with the module. These modules use a broader range of modules (primarily PSP and my own) but they should be easy to replace with modules you own.