Vintage Vibes for Pro Soloist

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Requires ownership of
Pro Soloist Synthesizer

Instruments | Cherry Audio

$49.00 $69.00

Vintage Vibes Preset Pack for Pro Soloist features an additional 100 presets by sound designer James Dyson showcasing more of Pro Soloist’s use of touch sensors and aftertouch, modulation, splits and layers, outstanding arps, atmospheric pads, stunning sound effects, basses, keys, and leads, and brass.

Vintage Vibes for Pro Soloist includes 100 new presets in the following categories:

  • 16 Arps
  • 7 Basses
  • 5 Brass
  • 11 Keys
  • 10 Leads
  • 25 Pads
  • 7 SoundFX
  • 25 Strings

This Cherry Audio Preset Pack requires Pro Soloist synthesizer. Once purchased, the sound pack will be automatically downloaded and added as a new collection to your presets. See this Support article for details.

Title of Song

  • james-dyson-pro-soloist-vintage-vibes-excerpts
  • james-dyson-pro-soloist-call-of-the-sun
  • james-dyson-pro-soloist-sunshine-spray