Miniverse Windows Installer


May 2, 22

great plugin

great plugin,gonne tweak and build presets! cant wait to hear wich sounds i can create! next make a sequential emulation! thnx guys!


May 2, 22

Doc Joe

May 2, 22

Light on resources, heavy on funk

Once again, CA has given a great emulation of a classic synth. I stressed tested with six of this synth loaded, all but two playing in ploy mode, without much in the way of cracks and pops, so it's clearly resource friendly.
The audio does mimic the rattle and hum of the mini moog and for fans of that synth, you've got all that gritty mess at the low end.
A greate addition to the CA line-up!

Nov 26, 22

Miniverse only loads in demo mode

I tried deleting program and reloading it but it still comes up in demo mode the site shows I paid for the program and gives a key number, but I can not find where to insert the key in the program. can not find the installation instructions.