Audio Computing Engine Collection

The Audio Computing Engine (the “ACE”) is a set of modules for Cherry Audio Voltage Modular, based on the core functionality of an analogue computer.

ACE modules have been combined to build the following useful modular subsystems: Slew Limiter (Linear, Exp or Log), Half-Wave and Full-Wave Rectifiers, Relaxation Oscillator / Function Generator (Sawtooth, Pulse, Triangle, PWM, Exponential Curve), Harmonic Oscillator (Sine Quadrature), Damped Oscillator (for ‘Pinging’), True Thru-Zero Oscillator (‘Zeroscillator’), ASR Trapezoid Envelope Generator.

In addition, a lot of fascinating classic analogue computer programs can be implemented, such as a Bouncing Ball Simulation, Chaotic Attractor and Ballistic Trajectories.

However, perhaps the most fun to be had from the ACE is to create your own custom CV and audio modules without having to learn a single line of Java code or learn DSP techniques. It's like a modular system for building modules!


Apr 27, 22

The Future's Past (Interconnectivity)

This is a fabulous set of modules for prototyping, creating, and revealing art buried inside of the hieroglyphics from yesterday and tomorrow. Hence, Pendulum Distinction

Great work Grant

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  • All ACE Synth.mp3
  • Acid Resonator.mp3
  • Acid Ring Mod Waveshaping.mp3
  • Cartman Speaks.mp3
  • Bouncing Ball Physics.mp3
  • Zeroscillator Linear FM.mp3
  • Wave Vector Drone.mp3
  • Lorenz Attractor Chaotic Equations.mp3