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Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Manufacturer: Cherry Audio

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FM Bundle includes mono and poly versions of FM Station, a powerful four-operator FM oscillator that precisely recreates the punchy, crystalline tones of classic DX-series FM synths of the 80s, with a graphic interface that makes FM programming incredibly easy. Also included are mono and poly editions of EG Station, graphic envelope generator module featuring eight fully independent envelope generators with velocity CV inputs, and super fast and easy normalled connections.

Includes hundreds of professionally-produced presets and variations, ranging from classic FM basses to gorgeous, glassy pads and massive leads.

EG Station
EG Station

Envelope generators | Cherry Audio

FM Station
FM Station

Oscillators | Cherry Audio

Poly EG Station
Poly EG Station

Envelope generators | Cherry Audio


Jul 27, 20

So Powerful, DX7 on Steroids

For ambient and pads this is a must have bundle. So easy to use and results can be achieved very quickly. Grab it now while it's on offer.

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