Voltage Modular Core + Electro Drums

Voltage Modular Core + Electro Drums is a powerhouse collection of modular madness. All of the fundamental tools of modular synthesis are included - a huge variety of oscillators, filters, envelope generators, amplifiers, arpeggiators, sequencers, mixers - plus powerful effects, samplers, a large suite of polyphonic modules, the room-rattling vintage oscillator and filter, our drum sequencer, a huge collection of electronic drum and percussion modules, and the acclaimed Super Oscillator, Super LFO, and Super Envelope Generator modules. In short, it's modular mayhem, and a ton of fun.

The Voltage Modular Core Package (105 modules) plus the Misfit Audio Electro Drums Package (15 modules) together include over 600 professionally programmed presets.


Aug 23, 19

A Must Get !

I Love it, when I first seen it, it looked complicated, but after trying it, and watching YouTube tuitional I would not look back. I use it in my DAW FL Studio 20, it works great for making songs.


Dec 21, 19

Amazing Modular Powerhouse

I have many hardware synths, Blofeld, MicroKorg XL+, Ultranova, Roland D05, so have never used a modular before.

When I saw Voltage Modular on the internet I just had to purchase. As a Keith Emerson, ELP fan, I could never afford the real thing but this is the closest you're going to get.

Amazing product, and very easy to use.

Nice one Cherry Audio.


Dec 24, 19

Thank you

Very cool for the price and the quality and choice .

Steve W

Jul 16, 20

Excellent Upgrade from Nucleus (starter bundle)

Very robust assortment of very useful and flexible modules as a step-up from the basic Nucleus starter bundle.


Nov 1, 23

The Best Virtual Modular Environment Available

I've been using modular gear for over three decades. I bought a second-hand Roland System 100M in 1990 and that really gave me the modular bug. Unfortunately, at that time there wasn't a Eurorack scene and finding vintage modules without the WWW was difficult, to say the least.

In the early 2000s, I fell in love with the Nord Modular ecosystem and used that for recording and live use until I went fully software-based in 2020.

I was skeptical at first about whether it was possible to replace my Nord Modular with a software plug-in running on my Intel processor. However, once I bit the bullet and bought the full VM Core & Electro-Drums package, there were no doubts or regrets whatsoever.

Most of my composition and sound-design time is spent within VM, whether stand-alone or as a VST plug-in within Reason.

The Voltage Modular Store is another great reason to get into VM. There are some really top-class third-party developers coming up with new modules and bundles all the time.

It's a great time to be alive!


Feb 11, 23

Misfits modules stopped my Voltage Modular from working

Cannot say much more than that the Misfits modules would not download, and stopped my Voltage Modular from working. Just crap :(. I removed the Misfits modules from my library and am hesitant of buying anything from Cherry Audio since then