Free Modulation FX Bundle

A collection of free modules which can be used for all sorts of modulated mayhem.

Time-delay effects like flanging, vibrato, chorus and ensemble can be created with Mister Memory. With a little ingenuity, you can even coax pitch shifting and real-time reversal from it.

All sorts of phasing effects can be created with Forth Phase, a simple, classic four-stage phaser design. It even has a phased-signal-only mode, which allows you to experiment with Uni-Vibeā„¢ type configurations.

The Quad Sine LFO provides four sine-wave outputs, each separated by 90 degrees (phase-quadrature). This is the perfect modulation source for creating effects such as stereo phasing and tri-chorus ensemble. Sine wave LFOs are generally more 'musical' sounding than triangle waves for applications like vibrato. This is because the pitch-shift of a delay line is dependent on the slope of the modulation input (i.e. its derivative, rather than instantaneous value). A triangle-wave LFO creates a 'trill' effect rather than a smooth vibrato when used to modulate a delay line.

Title of Song

  • ModWheelTapeFlanger.mp3
  • FuzzySuitcase.mp3
  • LushBrassEchoes.mp3
  • HarmonicTremoloMonoStereo.mp3
  • YouKneeVibeChorus.mp3